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Making use of online tools

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Hey guys,


I just wanted to share my experience using online tools to help me study. Websites like khanacademy and thornley's YT videos.


Another interesting site I recently came across was www.mechminds.ca . Its run by some engineers and its unique since it answers your specific questions rather than discuss generic topics. Just wanted to put the word out. I feel these online tools should definitely be used more often since they are cheap and convenient.

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I also want to recommend other 2 sites for science subjects and mathematics:


1. MIT Open Courseware (http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/index.htm): This is a perfect website for so many different university courses. Now don't be intimidated by the word 'university'. In fact, if you choose the right courses, they basically teach from the very beginning, which I surprisingly found some of the materials to be quite easy to learn. MIT courses, especially 18.03 differential equations video lectures (http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/mathematics/18-03-differential-equations-spring-2010/video-lectures/), helped me a tonne in building the basic structure for my math IA. So I was really thankful for it. It was so nice to watch because of Professor Arthur Mattuck's funny facial and voice expressions. Check it out!


2. Stanford University youtube lectures (https://www.youtube.com/user/StanfordUniversity/playlists): Another excellent university with open courses! There are so many stuff there, so check it out. I used this especially for physics to study relativity (

) and quantum mechanics (
Both of these lecture collections are taught by Professor Leonard Susskind, who in my opinion & many others' opinions, one of the best lecturers in the world! :)


These 2 websites are for those who are interested in quality university materials that can definitely be used to revise and expand their IB knowledge, making it much more fun to try to grasp some hardcore stuff out there :)

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