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I've been given 2 weeks (four classes) to prepare my TOK presentation, and I can't even choose a topic. 

Can you guys help me decide what would be a good topic for my presentation?


These are the ones i've come up with so far.


1. Materialism: how do humans relate money to happiness.
2. Premarital sex
3. What is beauty?
4. Adoption?
5. Obesity and eating disorders.

6. How do we know whether we are acting in a “good†or “moral†way?

7. Stealing


Thank you!

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I say it every time someone comes on these forums asking about ToK presentations... ToK is not about ethics. Ethics is, yes, an area of knowledge. But if you presentation is "To what extent is it ethical to have an abortion?", you will fail. 


Theory of knowledge is about knowledge: what it is and how we gain and use it. Your ToK presentation should be too. 


So, given my assumption that most of the ones up there that are generally considered sins were going to be ethics questions, that narrows it down to 1, 3, 4, and 6. 


6 is too hard for the time given, in all likelihood. 3 is great, but a pretty common topic. I like 1 and 4 if you make them more ToK like. For example, if you talked about 4 in regards to nature vs. nurture debates, if people are inherently like something or if they grow into something they're exposed to based off of their perception and other WoKs. I think one could pull 1 off as well with something creative, but I'll leave it to you to come up with ToK ideas.

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