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ToK Presentation Questions

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Hello! I´ve just been introduced to the ToK presentations, but my teacher is useless and he has not given me any actual explanation about what it consists of.


I´m trying to think up a title/question for the presentation, but i´m confused about what it has to be about. Is it a problem? An issue?


I´m also not sure how to structure it. Some sites that I visit say that I need to have two sides of an argument, whilst others just say to relate it to a real life situation.


Fell free to include any other tips!


Thank you so much!

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Guest Sonia

Your presentation has to be revolve around a Research Question. You can choose pretty much whatever that you link to AoK and WoK easily. It might be a controversial issue (like idk death penalty, abortion) or sth more creative like how does emotion affect our perception of reality, per se. It can be sth pretty random tbh as long as you can follow the assessment criteria. Give a lot of thought to your research question, it has to be an open question, and refer to WoK in it. Once you have the question, you make your arguments, take a position but also mention some counter-arguments too, and find a real life issue that relates to this. The real life issue can be an event, sth you heard on the news, a video or sth. You use this to back up your points and relate it back to the question. It sounds pretty weird, I know. I feel the same way XD But honestly, use a lot of specific ToK guidelines and vocabulary, cause that will boost your grade a bit too. When you talk about AoK, for example, refer to the AoK framework (methodology, scope, language etc) to show that you understand ToK :P 

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