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help in EE History

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Hello Everyone, I'm new to IB survival so I need some help.

My name is Selasi and I am doing my EE in history. Can you analyse sources not spoken about in the body of the EE?

Secondly can you analyse cartoons? And if you do, does it have to be a part of your body? Thank you :)

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1. I'm not really sure what you're asking. If I understand you correctly, you have a source that you get information from, but you don't use that source at all in your EE, but then you want to analyze it? That sounds a bit odd to me.


If you want to use a source in your EE, you can, and you don't have to do an analysis/OPVL of each source you use, just the major sources or ones that are important to your EE. For example, if you have a book you quote from a lot, you should do an OPVL on it. If you're using a primary document to get a lot information for your EE, you should do an OPVL on it. If you have a book that you quote from twice in passing just to get a documented statistic, an OPVL probably isn't necessary.


2. Yes, you can analyze cartoons as they are a valid historical source. The cartoon is probably best placed in an Appendix, and then you can analyze the cartoon in the body of your EE. Just make sure you refer to where you placed the cartoon (or any source of that nature, really) if it's not directly in the body of the EE. Follow standard citing procedures for however you're doing citations (MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, etc).

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