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Citing diagrams for Biology EE? Help!

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Sorry, I don't know how to create a new thread, I must've forgotten how. If anyone can redirect this to a more appropriate thread, it would be helpful.


 I have a question about the Extended Essay, the deadline is tomorrow.
How do we cite diagrams and photographs, especially if it's a Science EE. My advisor told me to include diagrams, so I drew one by hand and am not sure how to footnote/cite it. Also, for the second experiment I wasn't sure how to include a diagram so I took screenshots/frames of a video made by someone else to help with the experiment. i didn't mention my diagrams explicitly in the paragraph. 
My whole EE is a research based one, and my advisor told me it was fine and good, he ranked it around a B, but I'm worried about it because everyone is advising against research based EEs in Physics. So if anyone has any advice, it'd be much appreciated.
How do I cite the photos? Do I use captions or...?
Any other advice on if I'm doing something terribly wrong?
Thanks :P

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