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Maths IA - Question refinement

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Just settled on an area for my Mini Maths IA, "To what extent can you predict the probability of winning the powerball (lotto)" I was wondering if this question gives me enough scope to to write the exploration please note that because this is my Mini IA the page count is only half of what the real one has to be I think it is 3-6 pages.


Also could I possible involve calculus into this not looking for calculation help just some direction so I don't go mindlessly looking.


Cheers in advance for all the help


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Guest Sonia

I think if it's only 3-6 pages, then even if you did only probability, you'd be fine. If you go really deep on probability that is. And you still need Intro page, Conclusion etc, so your math would have to be only 2-3 pages long anyway, so yeah, sounds good :))

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