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magnetic fields and reaction speed Chemistry EE topic help

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I'm looking for an EE topic in chemistry and I've been thinking about the effect of the presence of a magnetic field on the reaction speeds of different reactions. This is very clumsy wording and I don't know if that's even a thing that you can do. What reactions would be useful to experiment with in this case? How to find a less clumsy way to put an idea into words? Is there something else that influences the reaction speed(or balance or whatever really) that is not too overdone? Or maybe I should choose a different topic entirely? I want an original topic but I don't know what I'm doing and where to get good ideas PLEASE HELP

Thank you in advance

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I think you shouldn't pick a topic out of thin air. It seems to me that you just chose this one because so few people have done it before. However, this is not the goal of an EE. The goal is to pick something that you like, and possibly would understand. It's not like a normal chemistry IA where you would just have to find the relationship between 2 variables; but in an EE, you would have to explain: in what ways the 2 variables affect each other.


From my personal experience, one shouldn't pick a topic unless he/she can formulate a proper hypothesis based on the current background knowledge. If it's not possible to formulate a hypothesis, then the topic is probably too hard for him/her. Now, if you really want to try this topic, then I would strongly suggest you to do a thorough research over the internet so that you can formulate a hypothesis that you understand. And the research has to be done by you; we can't help you with that.


One word of advice before you choose one specific topic is that you should have a mental image of your EE in mind. It means that you should at least have some ideas about how you are going to write it: including a rough form of hypothesis, a vague description of the experiments, and a superficial view of the EE as a whole. In other words, you need to know whether it is possible for you to do it. So for each topic you have in mind, do a bit of research first to see whether it's possible.


I haven't done EE in chemistry myself, so I can't really help you coming up with some original and interesting topics. However, you can achieve this by just looking around you and use your creativity to think of all sorts of ideas for your topic. This would make your topic both original and interesting because it's you who has thought of it. Remember that chemistry (just like biology or physics) is all around you! :)


Is there something else that influences the reaction speed(or balance or whatever really) that is not too overdone?

I would look at how different types of electromagnetic radiation affect the reaction speeds. It seems clear to me that EM waves must have some kind of influence, and i think it's not overdone either.

Good luck!

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