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Economics HL or Geography HL to study Accounting & Finance

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Hey guys 


I have started my IB diploma program and am now facing a choice between taking geography HL or Economics HL I sadly can not take both because I already have three other higher level subjects.


Now to my question, I have recently considered to drop Econ HL to SL and then take Geography HL instead of SL this has caused quite and uproar of my Econ teacher who has told me that certain universities might not accept me if I do not take HL Econ and want to apply for a course like Banking & Finance or Accounting & Finance.

On the other hand I have my Geography teacher who has told me that Econ is often regarded as a less valuable subject by universities when applying for a course because all of the content that we are doing in Econ HL right now would be reviewed in my first year of study at university anyways, also he said that universities do just require a HL social science in some cases and it does not matter what subject it is exactly might it be geography or economics.

I personally think that the Geography HL extension of globalisation is relatively closely related to economics and in my opinion more interesting than the Economics HL extension which is mainly made up of simple math.


Now I am very unsure of weather I should pull off the change or if it could eventually close some doors for me in regards to being selected by university. For example If LSE would have two candidates one with Geo HL and Econ SL and the other one With Geo SL and Econ HL who apply for the course of Accounting & Finance booth with 38 points which one would they choose ? or does it even have an influence on their choice ?  I would really appreciate any feedback on this topic


Subjects :   


English B (HL)

Biology (HL)

German A literature (HL)

Math (SL)

Economics (?)

Geography (?)



University aspirations :


London School of Economics

City University London

Kings College


St Gallen

Imperial College

Warwick University




Thanks a lot !!



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This is the stated entry criteria for Accounting and Finance at LSE: 



Standard IB offer:


38 points with 7,6,6 or 6,6,6 at HL

Mathematics A level or IB HL is desirable but not essential for this course. However if Mathematics is not taken as an A level, applicants must have achieved at least an A grade at GCSE


The Accounting and Finance selectors are looking for students with strong  analytical  abilities and a high level of numeracy. They are also looking for the ability to evaluate and critically assess complex issues and current developments in both practice and theory. The majority of successful applicants will have taken Mathematics as an A level or HL IB subject, although this is not compulsory. Many successful applicants have completed an essay based subject such as Economics in addition to Accounting, the Sciences and Further Maths (as either an AS level or a fourth A level). Other subjects which are often studied post 16 are History, Geography or Business Studies. 


Apart from my love for geography, I too think Economics is more suitable for anything related to business. They do mention Geography as an acceptable subject, but as you haven't taken Math HL, I wouldn't risk it with geography.

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Guest Sonia

I also think you should keep Econ HL. Even if it's not required, it will be much nicer and easier for you to already know the topics when you get to uni. And Econ HL is not a very hard subject anyway, so it's not like you will have a hard time getting a good grade. :)

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If you wish to pursue a career in Accounting and Finance I'd definetly stick with Economics HL. For me atleast, it is a much interesting course which will provide you with valuable knowledge for the course which you wish to pursue at university. 

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I'm interested in applying to accounting and finance courses myself. What my dad told me (an accountant, but works in finance now) is that economics is really useful in any field within business so he recommended I take it at higher level. So I advice you to stick with it, plus doing it at higher level indicates to universities that you're interested in business like courses.

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Thank you guys ! 


I really appreciated all the good feedback and was therefore able to reconsider my choices and decided to take HL econ for the next two years of my diploma program. I had quite a difficult time deciding but thanks to your help my choice has been a lot easier.

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