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IOC English SL

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Hey! :):phone:

I have taken English SL.I am doing Animal Farm for the part 4.So we are practicing IOC with extracts from Animal Farm and I kinda get stuck.


What should we actually do?Like what should be done. :guilty:

Lost again!

How do I get out of the labyrinth of sufferring??? :question:


Any points on how to approach IOC? :hmmm:


Thanks in advance! :blowkiss:

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Check this site (which I used and which my cousin and her class now uses for all things IB English) lots of examples of real IOC performances and good advice. Ask them to go through your IOC with you and give you more practice sessions.  You can get individual help with all your assignments, not just the IOC.


Anyway, all I can say is that for good grades: you must *practice, *practice practice!...and do as many IOC commentaries as possible, during the year, so that you are at completely at ease with what they throw at you for the intensive oral interview (where you are recorded as well - it can be nerve wracking).


There are approaches and ways of doing the IOC, but I'm not going to try to give a course -- it is too much. But you should find tons of help and advice on that site this sort of thing. 

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OK, so my cousin (she just had a lesson earlier today) confirmed they give the first session free. Wasn't sure they were still doing that, but apparently they do it for all newcomers. 


By the way, if your tutor is Debbie, say "hi" from me. She helped me through my EE and Paper 2 -- did awesome on both.


Have fun! Tell me how it goes :)



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