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Tips on Analyzing Poetry?

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Practice!  Lots of practice-- in class, outside of class, with friends, with your teacher etc ....You should also look at lots of examples of analyses. But just looking at (reading) poems and already-done analyses will not be enough in themselves to improve your own skills:  you actually have to work through lots of poems yourself. Preferably a whole variety of different kinds of poems, with plenty of feedback.


Get poems from here, read and analyse them. Then get that crucial feedback from friends, teacher, anyone who is adept at discussing poetry. If you don't get that kind of precise feedback and intensive practice from your teacher, you'll get plenty of that from here. There are poetry analyses on that site too - oral and written - but you'll get lots of critical commentary and suggestions just for you,  if you ask for it. That's what I did, anyway, and my cousin now. 


A lot of the free stuff you find online is pretty shallow. Either that, or it does not help you understand the best ways of approaching poetry for IB assignments and exams. Just so that you know (which you probably do already) 


Enjoy practising!

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