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Help on solubility

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C8H18 is octane and so is non-polar

H2O is polar, because of the shape of the molecule and hydrogen bonding

CH4 is methane and so is non-polar


Hexane itself is non-polar. Remember, for solubility, we use the rule 'like dissolves like'. So, octane and methane are soluble in hexane, whereas water isn't.


Hope this helped :)

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Hexane, methane and octane are members of the alkane homologous series. The alkanes are non-polar molecules. Non-polar substances are soluble in non-polar solvents and polar substances are soluble in polar solvents.

Hence the phrase 'like dissolves like'.

Methane and octane are both soluble in hexane as they are all non-polar substances.

Water is a polar solvent and will dissolve polar substances such as ethanol.

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