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ToK Presentations ARL help?!

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I have my knowledge question, real life situation, and alternate questions but I'm finding it impossible to think of alternate real life situations that address and can be applied to my knowledge/alternate knowledge questions. ANY ideas would be much appreciated!!


Real Life Situation:

The shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson in August 2014.



To what extent should intuition be impacted by reasoning?



To what extent is society impacted by the personal judgements of authority figures?


How does sense perception impact one's ability to make reasonable decisions?

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Guest Sonia

Linked to your AKQ, there are many stories about like a policeman shooting sb and people are so against it because he shouldn't have done it, it was unethical etc etc. I think an effect to society of such personal judgements is that it sparks rebel and distrust towards authority. I've heard many stories like that but I can't remember sth specific right now; maybe you could use that as a real life example though. Hope I helped a bit :)

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