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T-Test necessary?

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Hi guys,


I am wondering if a t-test is necessary to include in my IA? I have done another IA before and did not include a T-test. I am trying to measure the rate of growth of a plant. I am already calculating standard deviation and averages in my processed data.


I'm not really sure what the purpose of a t-test is, which is why I'm hesitant to include in my IA.


I know that standard deviation just calculates how much a number deviates from the mean right?


Also, is APA the citation style to use in bio IA?


Thank you so much! 

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I might be a bit late, but a t-test is used to compare two sets of data and see if their means are different from each other. If you have 3 or more sets of data to compare, it's better to use the ANOVA test. It depends on what you were testing in your experiment.


Yes, the standard deviation is used for that. I use it for error bars on my graphs.


As for the citation style, it depends on your school's requirements.

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