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[Math EE] Fermat's Last Theorem and Algebraic Number Theory

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Guest moonkyu97

Hi guys,


I am doing a Math EE, and my Research Question is "How did the attempts at proving Fermat’s Last Theorem by Euler, Lame and Cauchy lead to the foundation of Algebraic Number Theory?" I just wanted to ask: how successful are EEs written on the history of mathematics? The May 2010 Extended Essay Report on Mathematics says:



Similarly a subject in the history of mathematics may be quite adequate but most candidates limit themselves to listing results obtained by one or more mathematicians without explaining (or even understanding) them resulting again in EEs with negligible mathematical activity.


I think I covered enough mathematical content to earn marks on the math specific criteria, and I understand all of the content that I wrote, but I don't know whether or not I have made it clear in the piece. Thanks in advance.

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