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CAS Activities Help Needed!?!

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     I'm new to IB this year and I was wondering if any of these activities have the potential to be counted as CAS!


  • Photography (posted on flickr or something to improve yourself)
  • Learning a language
  • Instrument
  • Cooking
  • Running
  • Art (a long term project)
  • Pen Pals (writing to others globally)

Can I put family as my supervisors or does it have to be someone from the "outside"? Thanks a lot!

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Guest Sonia

Language, Instrument, Art project definitely count as Creativity.
Cooking could count as creativity too, if it is lessons, not just cooking in your house.
Running might not count because who would be your supervisor? It's not a class, it's more like sth you do yourself for leisure. But it might work cause it's clear Action and you can have a tangible aim (ex. be able to run for 1 hours straight instead of only 30 minutes)
Pen pals - I'm pretty sure doesnt count. And I'm not sure what you have in mind for Photography exactly, but I doubt flickr counts. Ask your coordinator though to be sure.

Keep in mind that your CAS activities should be rather tangible: I learned to play this song in 1 month, I aim to learn another song in 2 weeks. 
Your supervisors cannot be family members. It needs to be 'outside' as you said: school teachers, sport coach etc.


Hope I helped :)

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