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Have you ever had doubts in the Ib?

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Most of us have (or have had) doubts during IB. You're not alone. IBDP can be pretty harrowing. If you are working hard and keeping on top of things, then stressing out won't help much.


Is it just these two subjects you're having trouble with?


In that case, your troubles are pretty minimal. You should ask your teachers what exactly you should be doing to get better grades. Being aware is more than half the battle. If you are not aware of what is bringing you down, then you can't expect to improve by hard work alone. You need to be smart and work hard at improving those things that will make a difference and which will count.


You'll pass IB just fine, if you're doing well with your other courses. Just these two won't mean you'll fail. But they will pull your overall average down.


Try not to stress. Just find out and work on what you need to. Think strategically.

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