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Where to study Economics, Management or Accounting & Finance

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Hey Guys 


I have recently started my IB diploma 


Since the last two months I have been looking at some of my possible choices for university. As mentioned above I would like to study either Economics, Management or Accounting & Finance. I am obviously aware that those courses are not really related that closely however I am not able to specify my choice exactly at this point. 


Now to my question !

Which university would be the best to take any of those courses listed above in your opinion ? Please consider academic quality, reputation and network possibilities !  


I have of course done research myself but I cant really interpret all of the business school rankings in the FT or on Bloomberg or "The complete university guide" and so on.   Grade wise I would say that I will be able to score in the Low 40s because my older brother managed 39 with very similar subjects and I usually perform a little bit better than him academically. Job wise I would of course like to Work in a bigger city in Europe languages are not really a barrier either because I am currently fluent in german, english, french and I am now starting to learn Italian. Studying in the US is currently not an option for me. I am currently especially interested in Bocconi and St Gallen because I could not find a lot of information on those two 


Here would be some university choices :



St Gallen

London School of Economics

City University London (Cass)

Kings College

Edinburgh University 

Imperial College

Warwick University



Thank you very much for your feedback !

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