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Help! Constantly doubting myself.

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My subjects rn:


Eng. A SL 

French B SL

Chem. HL

Physics HL

Econ. HL

Math SL


I'm thinking about reducing physics to SL and upping maths to HL, because I am having a really hard time understanding the content in physics and all the maths we do at SL is at a very slow pace, and most of it I have already covered because I took Further Pure maths IGCSE.


Over the board, would it be advisable to do this at this stage? I am already having trouble keeping up with the work, and am feeling really anxious and a little bit down. And demotivated. I feel like all the stuff I do in school isn't really going to take me anywhere.


Help please.

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While the content in physics might be difficult, upping maths to HL won't make things things substantially better since the jump is difficult. My advice for now would be to talk to your teachers about changing to HL maths and weather it'll be manageable. Additionally, if you have any friends that take HL maths, ask them about it and see if you can look at the material to get a better understand of what it'd take. When I say look, I really mean attempt something because it's very easy to get scared off by symbols you've never come across. 


After that, you might find that it'll be better for you to stick with your current combination since you'll eventually get better at physics through practise. 

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