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TOK Ethics related KQ (presentation)

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I have a practice TOK presentation coming up very soon. I don't have a Knowledge question as of yet. My real life situation will probably be something to do with the one child policy. I saw on this forum that ethics is an AOK to avoid for the presentation, but my teacher has not mentioned this once, and I was wondering whether this still applies to the new TOK curriculum. It seems to me that the new curriculum places a heavy emphasis on working around the real life issue, so I was wondering whether this means ethics is ok to approach now? Also if anyone has suggestion for the actual knowledge question that'd be great.


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To what extent should judgements in ethics consider the individual vs collective benefit as defined through mathematical (read: statistical) extrapolation? (Use a healthy man's organs to save seven dying people)

This doesn't necessarily have to be ethics-focused, though. For example:

To what extent should indigenous knowledge systems be considered when adjusting shared knowledge influencing ethical judgement? (To what extent should traditions such as burning wood on bonfires be taken into account when selling pressure-treated wood that's unsafe to burn?)

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