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Paper 2

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Alright so my exams are coming soon, and I was wondering if any of you have some tips for the History paper 2 essays?? I find it really hard to put dates, answer the question and include historiography, so I usually dont get much higher than a 4.

Thanks in advance :)

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Is time a problem? If so, then ask your teacher for a couple of prior exam samples of paper 2s. In that sense, you can practice within the time limit for paper 2. (45 mins for each essay)

Here are some tips for both paper 2 and paper 3:(These are copied from another website, not my pieces of advice)


  • Read and 'unpack' the question carefully- don't rush in thinking that the question wants you to do one thing when in reality its saying another
  • Spend a bit of time on a good introduction which provides context for the question, explains its key terms and signposts where you plan to go
  • Think about 'PEEL' for every paragraph- make a point, explain it with evidence, evaluate it and link it back to the question
  • Only bring in historians if you can successfully weave it in- don't just tack it on at the end, you won't get much credit for them.
  • Consider all implications of the question- e.g. if you are writing about WWII don't forget that it was also taking place in the Far East/ Pacific- not just Europe
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