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Hey guys,

So it's been quite a while since I started doing the IB programme, and I have some questions on my mind. I have now decided that I want to do a major in biological sciences and my school does not offer bio as an ib course. Instead of that, I am doing chemistry as my school offered me. However, I want to do a major like biochemistry or molecular biology and genetics(i would looove that :) ) or biomedical sciences or something like that. Does anyone have any idea how I can study biology without taking the course within the ib programme?? 

Also I am both preparing for the ib and my national curriculum and its exams next year(which rips my soul apart uhhh :( ) Some of the courses like physics, math and some of the chem material match quite well but I cant manage to focus on my national curriculum due to the heavy homework & work load. My first exams went quite well but I know what I am capable of. I want to excel in both exams and I am struggling with time managemet for doing homework and studying. Since I live in the dorm of my school, distractions get in the way a lot. It does not have a specialized library for borading students or a class-like environment to study. Also they give so much homework that I cant even manage to study! Is that even possible? Since they think we wouldnt study after school they are blessing us with homework. My afternoons and evenings are all spent doing homework, which Im totally ok with unless it gets in the way of studying for my other subjects. And my weekends are quite busy since we have kind of tutoring/kind of schooling places where we need to go to ace that national university entrance exam. I cant even manage to do the ib well and i am  expected of studying for the national curriculum as well. any tips are appreciated 

Thanks a lot :)

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Ugh, well your situation sounds a bit awful I must admit... However, I think everything is doable.  :blowkiss:  


First of all, this bio thing. It's quite interesting that your school doesn't offer it as I assumed it's one of the subjects that are offered at every IB school, but apparently I was mistaken. Anyways, I think you are more than able to study on your own. There's many books you can use and study guides. Besides, if your school doesn't offer Bio then you should mention that on your university application so that they knew that's the reason you didn't take it. Likewise, check if you have any chosen universities/colleges that might be against you not having Biology since it's pretty crucial in courses like molecular biology or genetics... On the other hand, it's really good you're taking Chemistry instead. However, I'm not sure whether it shouldn't be HL though... since you're considering biochemistry.


The other thing about your exams is pretty scary, I must say. Time management is definitely the most important thing in this case. You definitely shouldn't take more on your plate since you're already overworked. I think it'd be a good idea to pass your exams (that you mentioned are next year) and afterwards study bio on your own. It would be the most efficient way. 


If you have no quiet space to study, how about going to some public library? They usually have tables, comfortable chairs and there's peace and quite. I do that a lot and it helps a whole lot. I recommend that to you if you have no environment to study at the school. 


I wish you good luck and I hope you pass your exams (both the national curriculum and IB)  :blowkiss:  :blowkiss:  :blowkiss:

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First and foremost, about your worry with regard to Biology, don't fret. Most colleges to which you apply will know from your school report that your school doesn't offer Biology and so that won't be held against you. In any case if you're applying to the US they;ll probably demand you take intro Bio courses anyway so you'll be on equal footing with the rest when you start work on your major. I'm not quite sure about what would happen for Turkish universities though. 


I know for a fact that Biochemistry is primarily chemistry and that the only Biology you really need is basic knowledge of what proteins, lipids and carbohydrates are. This is from my school's chem teacher, who got her undergraduate and master's degree in biochemistry. She says, and I quote, "in 7 years of studying Biochemistry I picked up a Biology textbook exactly once, and it was my roommate's." :P 


Onto your second worry, that is time management. I agree with artisticsoul8; finish off your national exam and then study Bio. You could get Turkish national exam syllabus books or IB books, since you don't have it as a diploma subject. 

As for homework, it seems you'll either have to work faster and harder or ruthlessly prioritize. If your homework is too much, go around your class, get other people who think it's too much work and go to the teacher and tell him/her that it's too much (for each subject) and if it doesn't change then the Principal. If this doesn't work, then simply prioritize; do the schoolwork that's absolutely essential to do and don't bother with the rest. This is ideally a last-resort move though. :P 


As for your study space issue, I'd recommend you reorganise your room. Make a designated area, be it a corner or anything, purely for studies and make sure nothing that could remotely distract you is within sight when you sit to study. If that's not possible for any reason try going out to a library, that'd be your best hope. You could also try talking to school management; they usually try to help with things like this when they can. 


Since you're interested in Biology though, I'd recommend you drop down one of your HLs and take Chem HL instead, or take 4 HLs including Chem (though given your struggles with 3, that'd be inadvisable). Chemistry is a major part of most Biology-related courses and my teacher tells me anyone who's serious about a career in a science based on biology in any way should be having Chemistry HL. 


Best of luck with both sets of your exams :D 

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