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Past exam question for homework

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Hi guys, if anyone could help me out to part iii if this problem, I would really appreciate it!


Milk in a cup is heated to boiling point by passing steam through it. Whilst cooling subsequently, some milk evaporates. The cup contains.3 kg of milk at an initial temperature of 18 C. 


ii) Estimate the minimum mass of steam at 100 C that is required to heat the milk to 80 C

(I did this and got .84 kg)


iii) State two reasons, other than evaporation, why the answer to b ii is likely to be different from the actual mass of condensed steam.

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iii) is the thermal capacity of the cup accounted for? Heat can also be transferred through conduction (i.e. cup touching hot milk makes cup hot too). 

Also consider if the system is closed/isolated. It likely isn't 

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