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School is not offering HL Mathematics - any alternative ways to study it?

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Hi. At first sorry for spamming Mathematics forum with my problems but I'm starting to desperate :D

Situation is that for my dream, engineering studies on university HL Mathematics is usually required. Mathematics also interests me more than any other subject.

My school however has decided to not offer HL Mathematics because some students have found it too challenging and had to drop to SL.

My counselor turned me down when I asked if I could do it by examination, and said they cannot register me as HL student if it's not offered to anyone.

So are there any other ways to do this important subject ? :(

Thanks for reading

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Have you explained to the school that you NEED it for University entrance? Or tried to see if you can find anybody else in your year who would be interested in HL if it were offered?


You can do one of three things:

1) Try and make a really good case for your school to offer it, and see if you can persuade them. Get your parents involved, talk to the Maths teacher, find others in your situation who want HL Maths.

2) Find a way to take HL outside of school - paying a Maths tutor (maybe even ask your actual Maths teacher if they would do this for you), doing it online (probably quite challenging!). Are there any local IB schools that also offer HL Maths where you could switch to that, or go to their lessons?

3) Give up :P

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