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Nov 2014 English Lit SL Paper 1 and 2

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Hey guys,


What did you think about paper 1 prose and poem? I personally thought they were both soooo good!!! For once I felt like I could have picked either. I did the prose personally, and not that many others at my school did the prose :/ 


I really like the prose and it would have taken me much longer to decode the poem and what to say, so I just went with the prose. 


For paper 2, in the Novel and Short story section, I did Q7, It was the only one about authors using flashbacks or foreshadowing to broaden the time span covered by the narrative.


There are some other things I wish I said in the prose, but overall, I think it went well. 


How did you guys find the papers?


Another question, How do you feel about the HL people getting the same questions as we do for paper 2? Personally I don't really think it matters but I do wish we got 2 hours as well. 



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did the prose; absolutely freaking loved it


i did question 8 and i really don't think i did well at all...


I know right! The prose was amazing. 


And I'm sure you didn't go as bad as you think. Often when I think I did terribly, I get much better marks and when I think I did great I get crappy marks. 

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Prose + Question 7! Best combination ever. Both the prose and poems were great, but I just had to do the prose because I've always felt that prose was more accessible to me. Paper 2 was an absolute gift question 7 worked for all my texts!

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