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Does the IB repeat topics? Can the next topic be predicted? (Paper 1)

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For this I am assuming that the papers (history) for this session have already been made. So I've checked all past papers from 2010(first examinations) to 2014 may, (including the specimen) and I've noticed they haven't repeated any particular topic from the areas in which they focus which are:


Areas on which the source-based questions will focus are:

  • aims of the participants and peacemakers: Wilson and the Fourteen Points

  • terms of the Paris Peace Treaties 1919-20: Versailles, St Germain, Trianon, Neuilly, SeÌ€vres/Lausanne 1923

  • the geopolitical and economic impact of the treaties on Europe; the establishment and impact of the mandate system

  • enforcement of the provisions of the treaties: US isolationism—the retreat from the Anglo–American Guarantee; disarmament—Washington, London, Geneva conferences

  • the League of Nations: effects of the absence of major powers; the principle of collective security and early attempts at peacekeeping (1920-5)

  • the Ruhr Crisis (1923); Locarno and the “Locarno Spring†(1925)

  • Depression and threats to international peace and collective security: Manchuria (1931-3) and Abyssinia (1935- 6). 


Would it be safe to assume they won't be repeating any previous topic? I am planning on studying only the remaining topics that haven't been covered on previous exams, does this make sense?


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Hey there!


I would personally not assume that nothing of the previous topics will turn up. Although the topics might change slightly, for Paper 1, you could link (almost) everything together. Although the topics don't repeat that often, the same themes do reoccur. the Versailles Treaty can be linked to the LoN (and failures of), German economic difficulties, radicalisation of Germany, etc. LoN can be discussed in almost all topics that will be covered by paper 1 (and certainly everything you mentioned). 


If I were you, I would at least do some basic reading on most topics, with focus on the LoN, Versailles Treaty, Weimar Republic, and conflicts (á la Abyssinia, Manchuria). What you do beyond that is up to you, but I wouldn't bet my grades on your hypothesis that the topics don't repeat at all. Maybe this is the year they figure out they'll repeat something? 


Anyway, good luck with your revision! 

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