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Hey  :bye:


So wondering what else I could do in order to do some creativity this year, i thought of creating a blog in which i review at least one book or film per week. Do you think this is a good idea? What kind of things would you be interested in reading in this sort of blog? Please comment, it would be really helpful to see what you guys would want to read in order to create a successful blog.

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I think writing a blog is a great idea for CAS! I was planning on writing blog for CAS as well, but I ended up doing Youtube-videos instead (not going so good though. I can't find time for it, and it's hard to be my own camera-man :P ). Anyway, for blogging, I think most of the people here are "book-/movie-holics", so you'll be just fine if you are doing book/film reviews and such. Additionally, you could also write:

  • study tips for other students (IBers or non-IBers)
  • motivation-posts
  • DIYs, how-to's, cooking posts, anything
  • write whatever that interests you 

That's all that I could come up with. I think blogging could achieve most of the CAS learning outcomes, and you'll have plenty of things to write about :)

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