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I've been hanging around the site for a while and it seems that for many of you, the grades you recieve in tests are adjusted to corresponding diploma grades, 1-7. This doesn't happen in my school and i'm curious, does it help at all? Does it ofter perspective? Also, are the test grades a good indication of your IB score on the individual subjects?

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In my school, we usually get only percentages, but from those percentages you can look up what grade you have (approximately) from last year's grade boundaries. ^_^ You can do the same if you want! '


Personally, I think it helps me, because then I know how close I am to achieving my aim in a certain subject, and whether I have to study some part more. It does indicate your level somewhat, but you have to remember that these grades don't matter - you can get a 4 for each and every test and still get a 7 on exams. But still, knowing where you are allows you to focus on where you want to go :P

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u can have a look at the grade boundaries if you type in google it is enough and u will get the grede boundaries. these 1- 7 points are nothing but your grades converted into points out of seven. and the grade boundaries differ from subject to subject and changes every year. the link is


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thank you

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At my school, on our school report card we get given a mark out of 7. However, the grade boundaries that our school uses are higher than those by IB. 

Reason for this is that they beleive that you might get a 7 worthy percentage for a single test but 2 yrs later when u do an exam with all topics, you are likely to make more mistakes, or not remember everything etc etc. 


Some of it is probably also due to them using similar grade boundaries to the alternative course to IB that is offered at my school.... 


Either way, getting a general jist of where you stand is definitely helpful for reasons Sofia mentioned. 

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You aren't alone! At my school all students get grades in the Polish system from 1 to 6 (6 being the best grade).

The percentage boundaries are as following:

1 (unsatisfactory / failing grade) 0-39%

2 (acceptable)

3 (satisfactory) 55-69%

4 (good) 70-84%

5 (very good) 85-94%

6 (excellent) 95-100%


However, we can always ask our teachers how our grades would correspond to IB grades since they all know by heart grade boundaries for their subjects . :)

I also suggest to look serch for the grade boundaries for last session (so May 2014 since grade boundaries for November 2014 haven't been released yet) in the internet.

Apart from that, you should all get predicted grades in IB scale somewhere around February 2015.

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