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Hey all, I'm planning on doing the IB next year. Right now I'm doing my IGCSEs (my last exam is tomorrow). My subjects are English, Maths, Hindi, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, and ICT. I'm hoping to go into video game design but I'm ok with keeping my options open within the entertainment industry. These are the subjects I'm planning to take for IB: 


- English HL: I really like English and writing in general, so I'm pretty fixed on this. 

- Maths SL: I'm not great at Maths, and I was told that SL is good enough for what I want to do. 

- French ab initio: I'm really bad at Hindi, and I like the idea of learning a new language, so I'm doing French. 

- Computer Science: I haven't taken this in years, and I have absolutely zero programming experience, but I know that it's critical to get into the gaming industry, so I'll most likely take this. I should take HL right?

- ITGS: It's relevant to what I want to do, and it's interesting. I may or may not take HL. 


My sixth subject is open. Ideally, I'd take Film Studies, but I don't know if any of the schools I'm looking at offer it, and none of the other group 6 subjects interest me, so bring on the suggestions. 


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What do you mean by entertainment industry? Because in this seemingly limited career choice there are lots of different skill sets required for the myriad aspects of this industry. For gaming, you might want to take Math and Comp Sci at HL because of the loads of coding and programming you will be doing.

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Guest Sonia

If you're not that good in math, I guess it's alright to take SL, but I'd definitely take Computer Science at HL :)
And just to know regarding languages, ab initio is the most basic, beginner course BUT it's hard in the sense that you need to keep up with the work in a language that is completely unfamiliar to you and it actually is a lot of work, cause you need to cover the material of 3 years (if I remember correctly) in only one year and a half. So, maybe you could consider taking Hindi SL, cause how bad can you be? Besides, I think u'd have a bit smaller risk of doing bad. Unless you're really excited in learning French! The excitement would actually help you :P  When I started IGCSEs I took Spanish (did 6 years of French as a foreign language before that) because I really loved the language. After one year and a half, I did the Spanish exam and got the highest international grade of the year. So yes, I'm guessing if you really like French, take it :P 


Good luck on your IGCSE results! :)

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