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University in France?

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After my IB, I want to apply for medicine in UPCM (Université Pierre et Marie Currie).

The problem is that I don't know what the requirements are. (In terms of grades)


Can somebody tell me, what the average points on the IB scale are. I just can't find it on the website!

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Guest Mimigris



So if you want to do UPCM, you will start with PACES, which is the first year based on general medicine.

Although there are no requires grades as such, these statistics might be helpful for you to determine the level:


15,4% have "mention TB" (above or equal to 16/20)
30,8% have "mention B" (between 16/20 to 14/20)
29,73% have "mention AB" (between 12/20 and 14/20) and
24,07% have "mention passable" (above 10/20, which would be like obtaining IB 24/45)


(source: http://www.letudiant.fr/etudes/fac/medecine-le-classement-des-facs-pour-reussir-la-paces/la-paces-de-l-universite-pierre-et-marie-curie-paris-6-a-la-loupe.html )



Although it might not look selective, it is generally after the first year of PACES that it becomes harder: you have to pass "concours" to enter Schools of Medicine. PACES is a competitive year in itself so the hard work gets done then (and not as much during Bac/IB)


I don't know if I am 100% right but I went on a few French websites and have a cousin who studies medicine in France!

Hope this helps :)

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