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Help with Extended Essay - Quantum Physics

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Guest Daminark

Hey guys, what's going on?


I've (finally) finished my EE draft, however my supervisor said that there was no analysis. My EE is theoretical, about quantum mechanics applied to a pencil. What is meant exactly by analysis? There isn't any data to work with.


I outlined a relatively common approach to the problem, similar to the method I originally used to solve it. After that first solution, I evaluated why it was fundamentally flawed, and then proposed another solution that gave a different answer. I evaluated and concluded based on that. Could you guys tell me where exactly does data analysis come in?




P.S. If you need extra info to get an idea of what to do, I'm glad to provide it.

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You definitely need to give us more info about what you’re really doing, because your description seems to be quite vague at the moment.


What approach do you take to solve this problem? Are you trying to build a theoretical/mathematical model based on existing theories of quantum mechanics, such that you can later use your model to compute the time it takes for the pencil to fall? If you are really taking this approach, then you should be able to get some actual numbers in the end which indicate the time it takes. That should cover the analysis part of your essay.


You can also set up a computer simulation based on your theoretical model to yield the result; and then discuss its relevance to reality of actual experiments. If you do a simulation like this, then you’ll have lots of data to work with.


Having said that, to be absolutely sure, I think you should ask your supervisor what he means exactly with analysis. After all, he should be the one who knows best about your EE :)

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