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Investigation Help.!

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Hi Fellow world of IB,


Im here today to see if anyone is able to help me with a few things.  I have typed my Part A but I feel that it is not good enough because I feel that is is lacking A source that discusses women and one that discusses Blacks. Here is my Question:


"To what Extent was Hitler able to justify his social cleansing of Nazi Germany pertaining to restrictions upon civil liberties among select minority groups?"



I also feel that This just doesn't sound right, so can anyone help me out.?



Lucid Liberal

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Firstly, DELETE YOUR PART A FROM YOUR POST ASAP! It will get picked up by the IB plagiarism checkers and you could get in a lot of trouble.


Secondly, maybe reword you question keeping in mind that women are not a 'minority' group. You could just erase the word minority and write 'select groups' and I think it would still make sense. Also i don't think 'social cleansing' is an accurate phrase either. Hitler didn't kill women because they were women, but he did try to restore traditional gender roles. You could say 'social changes' or 'social policies' pertaining to restrictions upon civil liberties.


Thirdly, avoid saying that these policies were due to Hitler's personal ideologies. The traditional gender roles for women is a Fascist concept which Hitler did not invent. Also, many views such as the inferiority of homosexuals and black and the superiority of Aryans had also existed before Hitler was even born. Maybe say 'Nazi ideologies' or 'Hitler's ideologies' rather than personal ideologies. 


Try to found some historiography as that will really help your investigation. Historiography is historians views. There should be loads of sources by historians on this topic. You could also have a look at whether Hitler's social policies were seen as justified by the general German population by looking at primary sources and newspapers articles from the time to see how they depict women, blacks and homosexuals. But also keep in mind that there was strong censorship so if anyone disagreed with the policies it might be difficult to find a primary source that shows that. Remember to analyse rather than narrate. For example, instead of giving an account of which rights were violated, analyse how and why Hitler was able to justify violating these rights.


Good Luck

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