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Failed May and might fail November

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Guest Enzo Treny

So I failed my IB with 23 points in May and decided to do a retake in November. I'm not feeling this retake is going well (did maths already and got geography tomorrow), and I feel like i'm not going to get that extra point I need.


You might all say "you'l get that point no worries etc" but really, i'm pretty sure I wont, unless I feel geography is good.


I'd like to know if I can still do another retake in May 2015?


If that is possible, then could I still apply for a University starting fall 2015? I'm worried that if I apply now that they might find out through an interview or the system that I failed my IB.


My plans were to go to Uni in 2015 anyways whether I achieved my IB in May or November but i'm scared that if I don't achieve the November ones then my chances of going to Uni will be very slim.





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First of all, be a little more optimistic. It may not feel like it right now, but you might make it - there's nothing you can do about it now anyway, so just go for confidence ^_^

From what I've heard, you're allowed to retake the exams twice, so you should be able to redo them again, if that's going to be necessary. But beware, because I'm not sure my memory is a reliable source hehe. 


I guess that depends on where you are applying and on what their deadline is... You probably can, but I'm not entirely sure. The UK deadline is January 15 for courses starting in the fall, unless you want to do medicine/vet because then it's October 15. If you are applying to the UK, you have to enter all grades - including that you didn't pass your May 2014 Exams, so the uni will know that. Might be different for different countries, though. 

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