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How does my TOK Q sound? And best way you've seen a TOK presentation done?

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Soo I have a practice TOK presentation tomorrow, and I just want to know what you guys think of my Q. At first I liked it, but I'm starting to not like it as much.

Real Life Situation: The exposing and embarrassing of promiscuous females on social networks for the amusement of others.

Question: What makes people derive pleasure from the pain of others?

What do you think?? Also, I really dont want to do a boring presentation using power point like everyone else, does anyone have any ideas on a unique way to do a presentation? Or the best presentation you've seen?

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Guest Sonia

I like your question; maybe 'Why do' would sound more ToK-y than 'What makes'? But it sounds good to me :)
I think a powerpoint is really helpful and nice to accompany ur presentation, so I would definitely have sth visual! If you want to make it more unique, then maybe have some audience interaction? If you are looking at pictures, maybe show them the picture and ask them their opinion or ask who found it funny, or whatever it is you are investigating.
Hope I helped :)

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