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Math IA

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hi, I'd really appreciate someone's input / help on finding a math IA idea


I honestly have no interest in math or the sciences, so finding experimental data and modelling in those fields wouldn't be a good idea in my perspective. I was looking at working with the pyramid schemes, looking at the how many would profit in a population looking at the different requirements (how many new members are required to be recruited in order for a current member to profit), and I met a complete dead end there. My data didn't correspond at all. 


So now I'm looking for a new topic and I'm absolutely stumped :question: . I have a pretty strong interest in business and economics, but I would greatly appreciate if I could continue working with the pyramid scheme topic just from a new angle, having done so much research on it already. I'm just not sure as to what I'm looking for/to do for this exploration in general.


Does anyone have any ideas as to what I could do?

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