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EE- BIiology- New subject?

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Hi everyone. 


I'm in year 2 of the IB diploma and have been freaking out about my extended essay.


I'm doing my EE in biology and every time i seem to get closer to starting my experiment, I realized that my topic isn't good enough (has already been done, won't lead me anywhere..etc). Until very recently, my topic was on the effect of different sugars (glucose, fructose, sucrose) on the rate of fermentation in yeast. Today, however, I realized (through some extensive research) that about everything that has to do with yeast has been previously tested and done. Now my problem is that I've got no topic, no research question, no experiment, no first draft and it's all technically due in 2 days. 


PLEASE HELP ME FIND SOMETHING! anything. Your help would be much appreciated. 

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We cannot give you a topic, it's your job and you get points for that. I'm a nice person, but not generous enough to be giving free points away. 


I've roughly zero idea about Biology, but what is always a good start is a thorough read through the EE guide (in the Files section, available to be downloaded to anyone), having a look at other people's topics, JUST TO SEE THE LEVEL TO WHICH YOU SHOULD ASPIRE, NOT TO GET 'INSPIRED', then think of what interests you, maybe have a look through some uni websites and see what modules they have for Biology, that could inspire you, then come back here with an idea and someone (not me, someone who knows something about Bio) can help you make it into an EE-worthy topic. 


And talk to your supervisor. If they are happy with the topic you suggested, why try to find another one? I highly doubt you'll be able to discover something entirely new with an EE. I didn't with my EE and I did very much fine. 

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