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Computer Science Case study 2015

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So the Computer Science case study is out and it is on electronic banking. Personally I feel like this topic is super boring but you gotta go what you gotta do right? Anyways even though our exams are not till May my teacher wants to finish our whole syllabus by December, which is why I have started the case study prep. 


I'm a little unfamiliar with how to tackle this but this is my rough plan:


- read the case study 

- look up all additional terminology

- read all the external links provided

- research, research research


So far I have done 1 and 2 and i've linked my definitions as well as the actual case study below. 




Let's share resources!!!! :D

case study definitions .docx


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Hi, I am a Computer Science SL student. I am really finding it tough to study this subject. Since my exams are going on, Can you help in sending some past paper docs of CS Paper 2, please?

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What are you guys doing now, to prepare for the exam?


For the Case Study, I have memorised the terms, and gone over a few potential questions that our teacher has given us, apart from reading the links provided in the Case Study and extra research.


I don't feel prepared at all, and the teachers in our school know a lot about Computer Science but they don't know how to teach   :wacko:

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