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Can I take ap calculus ab test?

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I'm doing math sl and was wondering if I would be able to do the ap calculus ab exam. Is the maths sl and calculus ab portion the same? If not could I do ap statistics after preparing for math sl?

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Not without some additional studying.


The calculus portions are relatively similar, but there are some key differences. There are some integrals and derivatives you are required to know in AB calculus that you aren't required to know in SL math, such as inverse trig functions and some log functions. You'll need to understand related rate problems and optimization. You will also need to know how to solve simple differential equations by separation of variables. To the best of my knowledge these were not included in the SL math syllabus so you'll need to know how to do these if you want to do well!


I'm not familiar with the AP statistics exam, but I'm imagining it will be the same case as above: mostly the same, with some differences.


Source: did SL math and got a 6, took AB calculus the following year and got a 5

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