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Soccer or Football Club

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Hi my dear fellow IB survival users


I love Soccer(USA) or Football a lot and watch a lot of games too. I want to ask some question it.


1. Which is your favorite club and why?

2. Which position do you play?

3. Your favorite player and why?


Here is mine.

1. FC Barcelona is mine because of the style they play and the players that have come through their youth system.

2. I am an attacking midfielder. I can also play as a left forward.

3. Neymar has always been my idol for 3-4 years now because of his ability to go past diffenders with ease and his ability to tare any defense.


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Guest beyondtheimagine

1. FC Barcelona and for the exact same reason as yours

2. I'm a defender

3. That's a hard one. There's so many football players that are really good and I admire them all. If I had to narrow it down it would be Messi. Because I like the type of style he plays and his skills.

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1) My favourite team is Real Madrid as I grew up going to the Santiago living through the good time and the bad I especially lie our playing style despite the fact that we haven't had the best two years.

2) I'm a central defender and play for Lazio Youth

3) My favourite player of all time is Zidane due to the fact that he manages to make a team play better than they would do without him. Currently I admire Sergio Ramos as he is a very dedicated captain always there for the club despite injury.


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