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Language and Archetype FOA presentation.

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My friend and I are doing our FOA (further oral assessment) next week. We have language and archetype and we need ideas for how to do awesome. My teacher is the strictest grader in our school, so I think we really need help. Thank you :)

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I agree with Blackcurrant, ask your teacher!


A piece if advice, I can give you, is to make sure, that you guys do something extraordinary.

By extraordinary I don't mean to do a summersault out of a window, but something other than just presenting a Power Point. I have only had MOCK FOA so far, but we did a newscast live debate, where our register was journalese and formal, and in that sense we were putting ourselves in for the characters we had to portray from the texts we had. 


Dress up, dance, do a play - Just make sure that it won't be too silly, that people understand it, and that there's a point in it.  :love:


(Btw, we were doing both PPT for the analytical part and the live debate - include both!)

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