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I am currently in IB 1, first post.


I am having problems finding out what to talk about for my IOP. I chose "The sense of being Lost". as a topic and I am using poems by Robert Frost ("Desert Places" and "Two Look at Two") and Seamus Heaney ("The second Coming") as well as "Waiting for the Barbarians". I was thinking about talking about how others sometimes show that they are confused in their writting style. And maybe that sometime loosing everything in order to restart is the answer. 

I have really no idea what I am doing and would love some help.


This is what I have so far and a couple of notes on the side: https://prezi.com/b70tplb6i-dd/untitled-prezi/


Thanks a lot!

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The sense of being lost is an interesting topic, but I wonder how you'll keep the audience interested. Criterion B requires that you have really good audience engagement, so you should be doing that, and a prezi alone probably isn't good enough if you want to score highly.


If you can find something interesting to do for the presentation, you might be able to figure out what to do with the content of the presentation. That's kind of what happened to me, anyway :)

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