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Are CAS lessons mandatory?

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Our CAS-coordinator is a nightmare. She sends us emails every f****** day, telling us to take more initiative and remember to reflect on our activities. I am done. I am finished with CAS. After 6 months! I started this autumn and I am finished Spring 2016.
We are having CAS lessons at school, every week. 1 hour every week where she says the same, over and over again: "You have to take initiative", and it is the fifth time I had to stand in front of the class and share what I am doing as my 18-month activity. We are getting sooooooo damn tired of her. 
So my question: Are these CAS-lessons at school mandatory? Can the school actually give us absence for not showing up in these hours?

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If your school says they're mandatory then they are. It's your school's decision to do this, so they're the ones in charge of it. The IB is just delivered by your school, the way in which they choose to do that is up to them. You could maybe ask to be allowed to leave as you're already sorted. It would help a lot with your cause if you told them were you leaving in order to complete some CAS, perhaps! :P Or tell your CAS Co-ordinator that you're all sorted and no longer need these kinds of lessons. But it's up to them at the end of the day whether they let you or not.


You should maybe check with her that it's acceptable for you to have finished CAS within 6 months (assuming that's what you meant). We certainly had rules preventing us from finishing it all in IB1, because that was 'against the ethos of CAS', apparently! We had to do it at least 50/50 between IB1 and IB2 which was a massive pain but there we have it. If your CAS co-ordinator says yes then that's fine, but you should make sure. Otherwise you can end up with hours and hours to make up and little time to do it in!

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