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A issue?

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Hey guys, 

about 5-10 minutes ago, I saw this random guy post **** like 

dsnndknfnwpfaofadksner388139435lms>/z>zΩsßxcS kind of stuff. It was BLOODY long. now its vanished...... Was it just me, or did someone else see that too?

If its a glitch or soemething? I dont know, but it was weird. and he posted it like 5-6 times. I replied saying "Dude what the **** are you posting?" it vanished after that.

Anyone has any ideas?

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Definitely a spam bot. If you see anything like that, please report it by clicking the report button underneath the post on the left-hand side, so that we moderators can deal with it as soon as possible. :)

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