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Help! - Writing HI in French

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I have several questions about my HI.  First, I'm writing it in French, so does that mean I have to translate all quotes etc. into French?  I know to translate the shorter ones, but if I have a longer one, the type that isn't included in the word count, do I have to translate that too?  And what about documents in the appendix?


Another question about the word count: Do in-text citations and subtitles count?


Also, I'm having trouble keeping my word count short in the B section.  It has about 900 words now and so the entire thing is about 2300... Any advice for cutting it?


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Hey there!


Regarding the translation of quotes, I am not sure. Wait till someone else answers or ask your teacher. After all, it is your teacher who is going to assess this, so he/she should know what you're supposed to do. However, you can get around this more often than not by paraphrasing. 


Documents in the appendix - I wouldn't stress too much about the appendix, as it is not (from what I remember) actually part of the assessed part of your task. The examiner is actually not required to read this part. If you include first-hand sources in the appendix, I believe they should remain in their original language. However, this links into the translation of quotes, so hear what the others (or your teacher) say about this as well.  


As far as I know, in-text citations do not count towards the total word count, but subtitles do. 


As for your issue with word count.. Remember that section B should only present the facts. There should be NO personal reflections, analysis or comments in this section whatsoever. Have a read through (or even better, have one of your friends read through), and see you only present the facts. If you're not, then remove the parts which are not 100% factual (i.e. personal opinion, analysis). Also check if you use every single piece of evidence in your actual analysis. If everything is as it should be, though, the only real solution I can think of is to narrow your essay down further. Focus on a narrower part of the topic or focus on fewer pieces of evidence. Make sure everything is as concise as possible, and that everything is completely relevant. 



Good luck! 

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