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Business EE - Can I do this?

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So I have chosen to do my extended essay within the Business and Management subject. I have also chosen to do it on McDonald's and their marketing strategies to improve corporate image. I have come up with the research question of:


"How effective will McDonald's Corp. "Our food, Your Questions" social media campaign be in terms of improving corporate image? 


If you don't know what "Our food, Your Questions" is, it is a marketing campaign in which McDonald's released which allows consumers to ask questions they want answered about McDonald's and then the firm will answer it. It is done through social media, so you can ask questions through the actual website, twitter, facebook, etc. Obviously not all questions can get answered. 


So referring back to my research question, I will conduct a PESTLE/PEST analysis in conjunction with a Lewin's Force Field Analysis in order to come to a conclusion about whether the campaign will be effective or not. So this is where my question comes in, am I allowed to do this? Am I allowed to use business theory with other research in order to predict or at least make a hypothesis about how effective the campaign would be? Is doing this going to make my EE weaker than perhaps other business EE's where you're not acutally predicting or whatever?



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I don't do BaM so nothing I say really has any credibility but I think that that is basically what you're meant to do for a BaM EE but check the guide to make sure it works wight he guide and check with your teachers


I'm pretty sure you're meant to chose a company (done) and look at something they've done (done) then do some BaM analysis of it which I wouldn't  know about but you seem to know about so you're on track I think


and also I'd say you would need to conduct interviews with Mcdonalds and use that as a source in your EE

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