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IA: The logistic (population) growth of microorganisms

So I have chosen to do my SL IA exploration about the population growth of microorganisms. This was inspired by my EE, which was in Biology (analyzed a fungus species growth rate in different light conditions)...


Now what i am wondering is...what i could write about for the topic?  Should i write stuff like the general idea for the curve (which forms like an S shape as it plateaus at a certain point), and then try to use the data i have acquired (from my EE) and try to find out some additional information about the microorganisms that i had (e.g. i can find the inflection point of the curve, where the growth starts to slow down?). Should i somehow try to prove the population growth curve? (e.g. compared to the exponential growth curve).


TL;DR: What kind of information should i have in my exploration about my topic in general?



Note that my teacher has approved of this topic.... And also that the deadline for the draft is in about 12h.

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