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Motivational letter format?



I'm applying to Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.
In the online application form they require a so-called motivational letter to upload along with a resume or CV (both are accepted).

My question is: what is meant by "motivational letter"? Are they requesting a sort of personal statement or a cover letter?
How long should a letter of this type be? Should I refer to my life experiences, making it a little more personal, or should I stick with a formal, professional style?

Thanks in advance to whoever is going to answer :)

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Hey :D


I suppose it's too late, isn't it? A motivational letter is an essay in which you have to show your skills and interest for the program offered by the university. You should also show how your extracurricular activities helped you develop some skills that might be helpful in the field of study you would like to specialize in. 

BY THE WAY, I also want to apply there for the January session. Let's be Bocconi besties :DD 

Hope I helped!


Kindest regards,

Youssou El Hadji Malick SY

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