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What is NACES?

Hello good people..!


I was completing an online application for one of the US universities and they said I need to send my official transcript to a NACES member to get it translated..?!??

SO .. After a frantic search on google, I found out that NACES evaluates non-US high school transcripts so that US universities can evaluate them. (Which I find it rather idiotic because IB is WORLD-WIDE. I mean come on students in US take IB too..!!)


In another forum, some students were complaining about how the NACES failed to "translate" their transcripts properly and did not recognise some of the systems. (which is rather disappointing and alarming at the same time!!) 


So I want to ask if anyone here sent their script to any of the NACES member and which one is the best for IB transcripts?


Here is the link to the list of members and the official NACES website -->



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