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World lit essay help (ghosts)

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Hey everyone, I really need help on my wit essay.. I decided to write it on the play Ghosts by the norweigan author Henrik Ibsen, and my thesis is: the ghosts of public opinion and duty that haunt mrs alving heavily influence her actions.

Sooo, after writing my essay, my teacher told me that my paper as a whole is too vague, abstract and broad in it's scope and that I need to find a tangible symbol, motif, or exchange between characters that I can use as a base for my analysis.

After hearing all this i decided to go back and fix my paper up. But I dont know if it was my teachers words that intimidated me to edit my essay or something else because I have absolutely NO idea what to do. I mean I do, but.. I don't /: uh, now that I read my essay, I kinda agree that it is vague, but I don't know what literary feature -as my teacher suggested - to focus on. Aaand currently I'm debating if whether or not I should just scrap this essay and start a brand new one *cries*

And also, I just suck at English as a whole, I was never very good at it, but I need help on introducing quotations properly? And how should I include criteria c (appreciation of the writer's choices) in my essay? I mean I can't really be like "I really like how Ibsen included blablabla.. This makes the play awesome :)" in the paper (lol)

If anyone has any helpful tips or comments please please please please please reply it will be much appreciated!!

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