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Aaron Lyman

Math IA organization

Hey guys, I just joined this site today because I wasn't sure if there was a specific form of organization for the Math SL IA like there is for History (plan of investigation, summary of evidence,etc) I know It's an investigation in any topic you want, and I know that it should be 6-12 pages, but how exactly do i structure the paper?

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Try googling Math IA SL/HL, or whatever, rubric and it should tell you what exactly is expected from your exploration report. I structure mine in this way:

1) Rationale- why this is personal

2) Explain topic and explain relevant key terms and equations

3) Do the calculations 

4) Display data in graphs

5) Explain the data and why it is significant (maybe t-test or chi square or whatever)

6) Reflection on how it could have been done better


Obviously this is just one way to write one and there really isn't a set structure. But just check with the rubric again and make your own checklist to see if you included all the necessary aspects.

Good Luck!


P.S. What's your topic about?

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