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Does dropping from the IB Diploma to the IB Certificate look bad on a college admissions?

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So, I go to a high school in the US and I was wondering if it would look bad to drop to certificate. I enjoy all the classes i'm taking, however I despise the fact that I have to do the Extended Essay and ToK (which I hate with a passion). I have all A's in my classes right now, so would it affect me negatively in the future if I dropped the diploma program?

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Honestly I see this question often and I have to say dropping down to certificate does not affect you negatively unless you apply to IVY leagues or are applying to oversea schools. 

I've known tons of people who dropped to the IB certificate and they still got into good colleges. US Colleges will accept that you are still taking the most rigorous course because even if you're not getting the diploma, IB classes are difficult in general.

If you do well on your exams, especially on your HL, you can get a certificate for them and get credit for them in colleges.

So no dropping wont affect you negatively as long as you maintain your grades. 

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